Spotlight: An Explicit Look Into How Fresha Penetrates 6 Countries

Sometimes, the perfect recipe for success is to embrace simplicity and offer great value for money. 

This is what Fresha embodies and has been using to generate massive revenue in the beauty and wellness industry.

The company offers a simple, flexible, and powerful booking software for Salons and Spas worldwide. 

That seems like all, yeah?

Not quite.

Behind the scenes, Fresha uses several strategies to achieve global success. And in this article, we’ll divulge all the details about how Fresha penetrates major countries across the globe.

You ready?

But First…A Brief Overview 

Fresha is a U.K.-based company formerly known as Shedul. The company was founded in 2014 by Nicholas Miller and William Zeqiri.

With headquarters in London, Fresha serves thousands of customers worldwide, and is recognized as a leading software in the beauty and wellness industry. The platform provides a place to discover, book, and pay for beauty appointments with local providers. 

It’s a simple and effective software solution for local salons, barbershops, and spas in any part of the world. 

Now, speaking of serving the whole world, let’s discuss how Fresha serves customers globally.

How Fresha Penetrates 6+ Countries and Serves Local Businesses Worldwide

While other companies rely on paid advertisement, Fresha combines many effective strategies to penetrate different countries organically.

Here are the top five strategies Fresha uses:

1. Subscription-Free Offering

Unbelievable, right? We know.

Booking and managing appointments is free on Fresha, and it’s also free for businesses as well.

But then, how does Fresha make money?

The company charges a 20% new client fee on the first appointment you get from a client who finds your business via Fresha’s marketplace. And after the first appointment, it’s free forever.

However, there’s a 2.19% payment processing fee and a $0.20 charge on every card transaction. Meaning, for clients that find you through the marketplace – and pay through the app as well, Fresha takes a cut.

You gerrit?

Which means…Fresha only makes money when you make money. 

So if your business hits the low, you won’t sink in subscription fees or other hidden charges. This is why many small businesses in 6+ countries prefer this scheduling platform to others.

2. Localized Website Content

Fresha’s official website provides a language-selector button at the bottom of each page. This button allows every visitor to view the company’s website in their native language.

See the screenshots below.

When you click the button, a language-selection screen pops up as seen below.

Fresha's selection screen

And here’s what it looks like after switching to Espanol.


3. Localized Payments

Despite being a U.K.-based company, Fresha allows payments to be processed in local currencies within its platform. 

Here’s an example of payment information showing the United Arab Emirates dirham for a Dubai-based salon.

Image source: Thesalonbusiness

Fresha also provides card terminals for processing local payments in your saloon or spa. Such card transactions attract 2.19% plus a $0.20 equivalent charge on every payment. 

4. Continuous Partnership With Local Businesses

Every business owner who registers on Fresha is referred to as a partner.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fresha frequently interviews these local business owners and posts the videos on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. This spotlight approach makes business owners happy and builds a true sense of partnership. Posting the interview videos online also gives more credibility to their individual brands. 

Screenshot showing recent interviews with business owners

It’s also worth mentioning that Fresha has a marketplace where you can list your business and get found by new customers. So, despite having clients located in different countries, Fresha is still able to connect with them meaningfully. 

5. Transparency and Excellent Customer Support

Fresha is one brand that keeps simplicity and transparency at the center of all it does. The company states clearly on its website what to expect in its free-forever software plan.

When it comes to customer support, Fresha often replies within minutes to email complaints and inquiries. The company also has a brilliantly-managed and active Help Center.

The Help Center has a part called “Feature ideas,” which allows users to vote for a new feature they want added to the platform. Or recommend tips that can improve the company’s software. 

What You Can Learn From Fresha’s Strategies

Fresha’s business strategies are worth emulating, and here are some suggestions you can implement in your business.

  • Find a way to offer free features and resources that help people get a “taste” or “feel” of your products and services.
  • Get your website’s content localized to fit the languages, cultures, and tastes of people in other regions.
  • Integrate support for local payment methods and currencies in your business platforms.
  • Offer excellent customer support for customers in different target regions.


Who Is Fresha For?

This platform is a great option for budget-minded stylists and salons. 

It’s free to use, and there’s no steep learning curve. You can just start using it right away. Additionally, your salon will benefit from visibility on the Fresha marketplace.

Is Fresha No Longer Free?

The plans are free to use. However, users pay a 20% one-time commission for every new booking made via the Fresha marketplace.

Meanwhile, payment processing and marketing messages are also optional paid extras.

What Countries Is Fresha Available In?

Fresha is currently available in 120+ countries, serving 100,000+ partner businesses and supporting 450,000+ stylists and professionals. 

Additionally, card terminals are accessible in Canada, Australia, Austria,  France, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

What Next?

Apply all you’ve learned about Fresha’s strategies to your business. 

The company keeps expanding globally by offering free resources, partnering with local businesses, and providing localized content and payment options. 

These strategies might seem daunting, but Fresha has shown us that they work really well for penetrating various countries worldwide. 

It’s your turn now. Apply these strategies to get your brand on the global map. 


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